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Hemp Luxe CBD Affiliate Program

Spread the word about Hemp Luxe and earn cash. 


What is the Hemp Luxe Affiliate Program? 

Share your unique affiliate code and get a 15% cash commission on all sales that were made using your code. You can share this code on your website, blog, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email list, etc. 

Does it cost money to join?

No. Being a Hemp Luxe affiliate is free. 

How will I get paid?

You will get paid at the beginning of each month via check. 

Why should I be a Hemp Luxe affiliate?

When you join our team, you get the opportunity to elevate the health and wellness of those in your network while earning a cash commission. Hemp Luxe is proud to offer affiliates CBD products that are Made from Certified Organic Hemp and backed with over 38 years of experience in dietary supplements. 

How do I become an affiliate?

You can apply using the form below. We will get back to you within 3-4 business days if you are accepted into the program. 

★ Customer Reviews

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97 reviews

Helps with my pain and anxiety

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil | Extra Strength

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Cream

Cream is absorbed easily into skin. I feel it is helping my ankle, but definitely will be trying a stronger strength in the balm.


A nice substantial CBD product. Will be buying again to help with my foot pain.

Extract Oil Bootle Leaked

I wish I could get a replacement bottle, the rubber piece that you use to siphon I found out leaks where it connects to dropper. It was in my bag and half the bottle leaked out. I tried to fix it, took it apart but does the same thing. It isn’t sealing right.