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An all natural approach to fast-acting relief.

Our customers love water-soluble CBD for...

Rapid results in seconds, not minutes.

Oil and water don't mix. Water-soluble CBD is a perfect match for our bodies, which are mostly made up of water. This formulation absorbs quickly and efficiently leaving you feeling better, faster.

The most bioavailable CBD.

Experience the cost-saving benefits of a 5x-10x absorption compared to oil based tinctures. A 15mg serving of water-soluble is comparable to 75mg-150mg in an oil based tincture.

Drop in and enjoy.

Simply add this formulation to any water based beverage including a glass of water, hot or cold tea, or your favorite smoothie.

The Most Advanced Hemp Extract Yet

You can trust Hemp Luxe™

Water-Soluble CBD | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is water-soluble more expensive?

A: When it comes to comparing the servings of an oil based tincture to water-soluble, it's important to remember a key word, "bioavailability". Our water-soluble formulation uses a patent-pending technology to transform CBD to a water-based solution. Because it is water based, you can expect a 5x-10x absorption rate compared to an oil tincture. For example, a 15mg serving of water-soluble would be equal to a 75mg-150mg serving of a traditional oil tincture.

Q: How do I take water-soluble CBD?

A: We recommend adding our water-soluble to a glass of water, tea, or smoothie. You can take it under your tongue if you prefer, but be prepared for a very strong flavor.

Q: Is this product available for wholesale?

A: Yes! You can submit a request to carry this product in your retail store here.


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    Sleeping like a baby!

    I’m a 53-year old perimenopausal woman who has been struggling to get to sleep AND stay asleep for quite some time. I’ve been taking a dropperful once a day before bed for the past week. I am finally getting a restful night’s sleep! The only issue is that I’m sleeping so soundly that it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning! Also anxious to see if this has positive effects on my arthritis. I’ll report back after I’ve been taking it for awhile.

    Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Balm | Multiple Sizes & Potencies

    Best CBD Products Around!

    Love all of their products, and yes, they really do work!!! Highly recommend!!!

    Sleep aid

    Helps promote restfull sleep

    Effective product but the elderberry flavor isn’t my favorite.